Rehabilitation Therapy

At Physiomid, I specialize in comprehensive rehabilitation therapies aimed at aiding your recovery from injuries, surgeries, or chronic pain conditions. As a skilled and experienced therapist, my aim is to create individualized programs that meet the needs of my patients. Through techniques like manual therapy, exercise and cupping, I strive to help you regain strength, restore mobility, and improve overall function. 

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physiotherapist massages young patient to cure a cervical pain

Physiotherapy Run Program

This specialized physiotherapy program is designed specifically for runners, addressing running-related injuries, to ensure efficient and safe return to sport. We will assess your condition and create a personalized treatment plan focused on restoring your running abilities, improving biomechanics, and preventing future injuries. Through a combination of targeted exercises, gait analysis, manual therapy techniques, and progressive training protocols, our program aims to enhance your running efficiency, speed up recovery, and get you back on track to achieving your running goals.

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Athlete runner feet running on road, Jogging concept at outdoors. Man running for exercise.

Weightlifting Mechanics Analysis

This specialized physiotherapy service concentrates on movement pattern analysis and its application to the biomechanics of weightlifting. It emphasizes evaluating the movements of the entire kinetic chain and pinpointing potential errors that can be improved through corrective cues or modifications.

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woman doing weight lifting

Injury Prevention

Our physiotherapy service includes individualized injury prevention plans that help you avoid future injuries. We evaluate your body to determine the vulnerable areas and develop a plan to protect them from potential injuries.

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